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Chris is an educator, advisor, and community leader. He previously worked as a Paralegal, and also worked in Real Estate Management prior to quitting his day job to pursue his passion for investing and trading. At the time, there was huge influx in the socialization of investing with the advent of new services like Robinhood. This created the perfect storm for retail investors to capitalize on the financial markets in a whole new way. Noticing a clear lack of resources and an abundance of misguided investment advice, Chris began developing his first ever educational tutorial in 2019, which manifested itself as the eventual creation of a social trading community over 500 members strong. This community and paid service became what is now known as Empire Finance, and was Chris’ first ever startup. As such, Chris has worn many hats and has expertise in a variety of fields including web development, social media, video production, graphic design, written content, educational content, customer service, marketing and much more. An early adopter in crypto (having first bought Ethereum in late 2017) it was only natural for Chris to combine his educational expertise with the team at Accel Defi. Here at Accel Defi, Chris will be building the first-ever educational DAO, aptly known as “Accel Defi University”. This DAO will further support his mission to bring accurate and easy-to-understand information to the masses, increasing the knowledge level amongst his community members and ensuring that everyone has the best chance for success!