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Andrés (Andy)

Andres was born in Mexico City but grew up in and currently resides in Dallas TX. Fluent in both English & Spanish, he attended college to study Nutrition, but 2 years into studies, the 20-year-old Andres put school on hold to start a nutritional supplement business. Four years later Andres sold that business then partnered with Nino to start a new endeavor called Any Body Supplement - built online and through social media, it’s one of the most respected franchises in the supplement industry currently. Andres own other businesses, too, including Beachside Supplements and AB Fulfillment.
Andres got into crypto in 2020, dabbling in Bitcoin and Ethereum, then made the move to DeFi in 2021. Utilizing his online marketing savvy, Andres managed the online presence of a number of DeFi projects, taking the reins of the Accel DeFI marketing department in November 2021.
Andres looks forward to accomplishing something great, something that's never been done before, something he can look back on and say he was a part of. He wants to be able to retire with his family, never having to worry about anything, but goals like that come as a result of making something great. Andres truly believes that Accel DeFi is a unique project that's going to leave a stamp in the world and going to change the DeFi space and the crypto space forever.