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Mike was born and raised in New Jersey where he resides with his wonderful wife and two little boys. He graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Psychology then was a regional manager for the management development program of a fortune 500 company, overseeing 20 locations while also instructing college graduates in sales and marketing, leadership development, and business management. Recently Mike transitioned to a completely different industry with a focus on process management, employee development, and logistics. His wife introduced him to crypto 2021 and he quickly saw the potential of decentralized finance and cryptocurrency. As he gained experience he began working on his first project in an HR capacity but eventually created the project’s analytics department. As the Director of Internal Operations for Accel DeFi, Mike provides internal support for all departments while also supplementing analytics and reporting. He’s inspired by the creativity that decentralized finance allows for solving modern-day issues and believes that with cryptocurrency nothing is impossible. Mike enjoys knowing that anyone can make an impactful in the crypto space regardless of their background.


Keith is an avid learner, researcher, and writer. He’s a US Air Force veteran with a background in Flight Simulators that long ago ignited his interest in technology many years ago. He transitioned to sales and operations positions for a couple of national companies. Keith has also worked in the film industry and television including three years of production on the television series "Matlock". In addition to his Operations functions, Keith enjoys working on the Accel DeFi Community's TeleGram voice chats and our Reddit page. He’s an avid golfer and reader who splits time between Texas and Alabama.

Scott (Scooter)

Scott is our client reporting and presentation specialist. He studied computer design at New College Lanarkshire in Scotland and now has a position in the oil and gas sector. This suited him for a few years but he always wanted more of a challenge and an area to improve skills constantly, so he turned to cryptocurrency. Scott believes in the old quote "you carve your own future" and is a testament to this due to his humble upbringing. He’s learning the world of crypto as he goes with a creative flair, an eye for perfection, a passion for analytics…and an appreciation for brutal feedback to constantly improve himself. Scott is extremely happy to be a part of this talented Accel DeFi team and hopes in the near future to be running his own department.