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Great things happen when great minds come together


Nino is a serial entrepreneur who was born in Thailand, grew up in California, and now calls Dallas home.
He attended college in both California and Texas to study real estate and computer science. He opened a marketing firm at the age of 18 and has worked for Apple and has also served as a car sales director for 10 years. During that time Nino also opened a fitness and supplement store chain, building out the entire online sales division. Expanding on his store, Nino also started his own supplement brand for the fitness-minded. To manage the ever-increasing demand and sales volume from his supplement store and brand, he opened his own fulfillment center to supply orders for customers all over the world. Never one to settle, Nino also owns an energy consulting company and manages the online sales for a regional roofing company. ‍
Nino came into crypto in March 2021 and was quickly recruited to join a marketing token in June, then was soon promoted after demonstrating his skills as a leader and manager. He quickly reorganized the company to make it run in a much more efficient manner. During his tenure he ran the marketing meetings and helped to organize a team of over 100 people. On top of that Nino managed client relations and successfully ran extensive marketing campaigns that increased the market caps of 2 projects from $3M to $25M. Not one to stay behind the scenes, Nino often held live chats with the telegram community leading to massive acclaim in the crypto-sphere and elsewhere.


Early on Aaron started his education as a coder and program designer but quickly realized that even though he enjoyed programming it wasn't what he wanted to do as a career. He enlisted in the military as an EOD tech (military bomb squad). He served both in Iraq and Afghanistan disarming bombs, saving lives, and making the area safer for the local populations. In 2010 he was honored as one of the bravest in the Air Force and was featured in the "Portraits in Courage" publication issued by the USAF. During his service, in addition to combat training Aaron was trained in circuit-building, robotic programming, advanced electronic diagnostics, curriculum building, advanced leadership training, and project management. While stationed overseas he was charged with leading a team for the development of the Albanian EOD school. Under his leadership Aaron increased throughput by 200% and developed a standards protocol, increasing the skill-sets and proficiency of all students.
In 2016 Aaron entered the crypto space investing on pure speculation. As his investments grew so did his interest in blockchain technology. He quickly saw the true potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency to revolutionize the world. Slowly he learned more and more about the functional and programming aspects of crypto. He fell back to his coding roots and skills he’d learned in the military and began architecting and designing blockchain-based products. It wasn't until recently that he found the team who’d be able to help realize all of the products that sat in his crypto folder ready to be built. As a crypto evangelist you will often hear him profess the vast potential of blockchain.
Aaron is an avid ‘car guy’, having owned over 90 vehicles in his lifetime. If it has wheels or moves people he loves it. His pride and joy is a Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Tommi Makinen Edition - a car that was a poster on his wall growing up. Among others are an Astro Van with a 6" lift and a small-block V8 swapped in. A few of his favorite vehicles he's owned are a Suzuki Cappuccino, a 4wd diesel lifted Mitsubishi Delica, and an F350 that he converted to run on vegetable oil. Aaron often says that planning out a car build is similar to planning or architecting a good crypto project…it requires thought, attention to detail, and ensuring that each piece works optimally with the next.


Bo is originally from Connecticut where he spent a majority of his childhood growing up, he spent his teens in Arizona and since 2016 he resides there full-time. ‍ Bo received his Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship in 2011 from Western Connecticut State University. He also received a minor in Justice and Law. ‍
In April of 2011 Bo started his first business, a full service property management company. Year over year the company’s profits increased and in less than five years he sold the business. ‍In October of 2015 Bo switched to Auto Sales and began selling Subarus in Connecticut. In July of 2016 he relocated to Arizona and continued with Subaru. In 2017 he received the highest award from Subaru, being recognized as a top 50 performer in the country. In July of 2018 Bo was promoted to Sales Manager within the company where he excelled for the next three years.
In January 2021 Bo was a part of the group that propelled the Shib token via Facebook from less than 1K to 70K members, contributing significantly to the meteoric rise of the iconic token. In late 2021 Bo left the automotive industry to focus solely on Accel Defi. He was the founder of REKT Token, a ERC20 project that ultimately merged into the Accel Defi project.