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What is Accel DeFi?

Our Mission

ACCEL is an incubator and accelerator for Web3, DeFi, and GameFi; our expertise is in helping develop unique projects across the cryptosphere, and bringing them to market. Our established team of experienced smart contract developers, entrepreneurs, product leaders, project marketers, and technical analysts are creating a suite of products and services that solve the complexities of decentralization.


The GameFi platform and Accel Gaming Division realize our vision for real world NFT utility combined with yield farming pools to enhance play to earn game rewards. It additionally provides game developers significantly more exposure to our audiences via our launchpad and token marketing services.


The DeFi suite includes a limit-trading application for DEXs, token research tools, crypto education and technical analysis, cold storage, credit cards, NFT marketplace, staking and farming rewards, and escrow payments.


The launchpad is a product/services offering that provides access to cutting edge DeFi protocols such as our NFT platform or farming rewards platform to help developers and businesses alike realized their own DeFi solutions and also launch new tokens. Our launchpad services are offered in conjunction with an entire suite of token services such as live streamed AMAs, token development, and token marketing.
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