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Accel DeFi: Innovative Cryptocurrency-Based Business Accelerator
In any newly emerging financial market, there is a considerable opportunity for exponential growth in market share, and the accompanying businesses that can ride that wave of mass-adoption. As Defi continues to expand its global footprint, those that can remain on the bleeding edge will stand in the best position to benefit and grow with this emergence. As the barrier for participation continues to decrease for consumers, we find a necessity for companies to bridge that gap and begin providing resources to stay with the curve, or miss out on the largest market potential in decades.
Why should only those who are most-experienced in DeFi be able to take advantage? What if instead they could provide their knowledge, expertise, and resource to businesses and consumers looking to adopt Defi as well, and thereby help level the playing field…
What if those experts came together and created a platform? One that allows any end-user to work hand-in-hand with the pros, completely eliminating the knowledge gap needed to integrate into the Blockchain…
What if I told you this platform is already built? That it is filled with proprietary tools such as turn-key coin building, digital currency escrow payments, cross-chain bridges and compatibility, marketing services for businesses looking to adopt Defi, or even tools for consumers who simply trade crypto…
Enter Accel DeFi. Defining the Decentralized Future.
Crypto is here to stay. Are you along for the ride?

What is Accel Defi?

Accel is a cryptocurrency-based business accelerator focused on envisioning, creating, and launching new products and services with our partners and in-house teams. Our established team of experienced smart contract developers, entrepreneurs, product leaders, project marketers, and technical trade analysts are creating a suite of DeFi and GameFi products that solve the complexities of decentralization.

$ACCEL Token

The Accel token is Accel DeFi’s governance token with a total supply of 5,000,000,000.00 tokens (5 Billion). Accel was launched on the Ethereum chain on January 7th, 2022 and will launch on the Binance Smart Chain in Q1 2022. New chains to follow shortly thereafter.

$ACCEL Tokenomics

The ultimate utility token. ACCEL gives you access to the Accel Defi Platform's products and services. Stakers of ACCEL are given exclusive access to specific products and services, such as the accel portfolio and unrekt application. Additionally, staking is necessary to access various tiers of benefits from other products.

$ACCEL Token Distribution

To achieve our vision for Accel DeFi and ACCEL in general, we allocated 14.2% of the total supply for private and early supporters. The private sale and early supporter’s price is $0.046 and $0.14 respectively. The initial DEX Offering price was $0.14. We provided a total liquidity of $320,000 comprised of ETH and ACCEL tokens for our initial DEX listing.
The initial Accel circulating supply at Token Generation Event (TGE) was 65,000,000.00 which was an initial market cap of $9,100,000.00 at Initial DEX Offering price.
A significant aspect of the token distribution is the longer vesting period. This incentivizes the team only if they’re able to deliver the project. This is a more pragmatic, sustainable, and responsible approach.

Initial Market Cap at Token Generation Event

The initial circulating supply at the Token Generation Event was 65,000,000.00 Accel tokens which represent 1.30% of the total supply. This supply will gradually increase based on the distribution plan schedule as described in the Accel Token Distribution table above.
Our team is composed of a diverse group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals with 75+ years of combined experience in finance, software development, education, marketing, and design. We are continuously improving and growing our team to deliver ACCELs mission and vision of global cryptocurrency adoption.
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