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A quick synopsis on the current state of DeFi.
In any newly emerging financial market, there is a considerable opportunity for exponential growth in market share, and the accompanying businesses that can ride that wave of mass-adoption. As Defi continues to expand its global footprint, those that can remain on the bleeding edge will stand in the best position to benefit and grow with this emergence. As the barrier for participation continues to decrease for consumers, we find a necessity for companies to bridge that gap and begin providing resources to stay with the curve, or miss out on the largest market potential in decades. Why should only those who are most-experienced in DeFi be able to take advantage? What if instead they could provide their knowledge, expertise, and resource to businesses and consumers looking to adopt Defi as well, and thereby help level the playing field… What if those experts came together and created a platform? One that allows any end-user to work hand-in-hand with the pros, completely eliminating the knowledge gap needed to integrate into the Blockchain… What if I told you this platform is already built? That it is filled with proprietary tools such as turn-key coin building, digital currency escrow payments, cross-chain bridges and compatibility, marketing services for businesses looking to adopt Defi, or even tools for consumers who simply trade crypto…
Enter Accel DeFi. Defining a Decentralized Future. Crypto is here to stay. Are you along for the ride?