Accel Wiki

ACCEL Card (Spacedawgs Partnership)

Accel Card Gen-1 + Gen-2 provided in partnership with Spacedawgs

Accel Card (Gen-1)

A secure Cold Storage Card - available now for preorder.
  • Secure: The most advanced, unhackable, and convenient cold storage card available.
  • Non-Custodial: The end-user is in control of their assets at all times.
  • Open-Transaction Technology: Hides the end user's wallet address when conducting transactions to preserve user anonymity.
  • NFC-powered: No battery or plug-in required.
  • 2FA Wallet Access: In order to sign a transaction, you need both your cold storage card and a security code on your mobile app.
  • Biometric Support: Support for Face ID or Fingerprint authentication, pending users device.
  • Multichain: Support to swap, send, and store any coins / tokens on the approved blockchains (BTC, ETH, LTC, MATIC)

Accel Card (Gen-2)

Added Debit+Credit functionality, allowing your Accel Card to function as / replace traditional fiat cards. (Coming Soon)
  • Spend: Your cryptocurrencies with the same functionality as a debit or credit card.
  • Rewards: Tier-based rewards, to be announced shortly.
  • Functional: Retains all functionality and support as the Gen-1 card.


What happens if I lose my Card?

If you lose your card, you can have it replaced for a small fee and recover your stored assets with your seed phrase and pin. A lost card is useless to anyone else due to 2FA authentication requirements. Assets can be recovered manually by using the mobile or desktop application and manually entering your seed phrase, which can then be synced to a new replacement hard wallet, and pushed back to cold storage on the card.

How does Open Transaction Technology work?

A custom bitcoin client is run which provides a new "baselayer" connection to bitcoin blockchain payment codes (QR codes), replacing wallet addresses (which can still be used), and protecting your wallet identity and balances. Someone cannot see your wallet address unless you have transacted with them directly. Additionally, you can set your wallet to automatically and periodically push assets to new wallet addresses, further protecting your identity.

Is the Cold Storage Card 2FA tied to my cellphone?

No, nothing is tied to your cell phone SIM card. Traditionally, this can be an attack vector. Your Accel Card uses combines a 4-6 digit PIN + biometric authentication (optional). A hacker must have a combination of your cellphone + cold storage device + PIN + biometric authentication + password to access stored assets.

How secure is NFC?

Cold Storage Cards use NFC to communicate between the card and the chip in your cellphone. This communication is direct and secure, providing no additional interface or attack vector. Simply tap your card to your cellphone, and enter your PIN and biometric authentication to bring your private keys warm (online). Once you have transmitted your assets, you then must tap your card to your cellphone a second time to push the private keys back offline and into the cold storage card. Again, a hacker would need your cellphone + cold storage card + PIN + biometric authentication + password to access stored assets.

Can these cold storage wallets be hacked?

Again, no. Cold storage wallets cannot be bump or scan hacked. Your cold storage card contains 600 separate seeds (blockchain wallet accounts) for added security and privacy.