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Soldiers of The Metaverse

An exclusive blockchain collection of 7,500 full-body battle ready soldiers designed by a world class artist providing unparalleled utility

Presented by Accel Gaming

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Soliders of the Metaverse - our first entry under our Accel Gaming division. A unique NFT collection of 7,500 soldiers, paired with a P2E-game currently under development.

NFT Collection

7,500 unique soldiers, each paired with their own rare traits, weapons, armor, and more... completely sold out in minutes! The NFT Collection is your key to the upcoming P2E-game in which soldiers can battle it out with other soldiers. Play as your own soldier against other members of the community, and earn rewards and currency for winning!

P2E Game

The SOTM game is currently in beta-testing and is an exciting first-offering from our Accel Gaming division. Fight 1v1 against other soldiers in a side-scrolling fighting game, similar to other famous games such as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. The Accel Gaming community is also excited to announce the hosting of in-game tournaments, where winners can play to earn exciting rewards and in-game currency. This currency will integrate with the Accel ecosystem, allowing you to gain access to the Accel platform just by playing our game. Make sure to follow our Discord, where we will be posting regular updates about the status of the SOTM game's development, along with sneak peeks and behind the scenes updates!

Visit the Soldiers of the Metaverse Website:

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