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Accel NFT Marketplace

Both a marketplace and a launchpad for NFT utility products, popular collections and more!
Use-case based NFT minting and sales platform that implements a sales fee on the NFT collection parameters. With an expected launch date of Q3 2022, the NFT Marketplace combines the best of your common NFT sales platforms, with a fully integrated NFT creation or "launchpad" platform. With such major functionality combined into one easy-to-use product, customers can collaborate with our experienced team of developers to bring to life their unique vision for an NFT project. Custom parameters and other utility functions can be implemented based on customer needs. According to latest market estimates, in the year 2021, NFTs surpassed over $40 BILLION in fiat value traded, and this number is only expected to grow. By providing a much needed collaboratory launchpad and marketplace, Accel is providing users access to this same market, while simultaneously removing the barrier for entry.

NFT Marketplace Phases

Phase One

  • The NFT Marketplace is made live, with the ability to create and showcase both unique and popular NFT collections.

Phase Two

  • The Launchpad functionalities are integrated, including resources such as self-minting capabilities will give Accel the ablity to fully create and manage custom NFT utility products and provide specific use-case NFTs based on customer requirements.