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Accel Portfolio

Providing staked holders of Accel the opportunity to diversify and receive access to exclusive new projects created or marketed by Accel.
When you stake the ACCEL token you automatically receive a pro-rata share of all reward sources added to the staking pool. These rewards are paid out in the native token of the chain you staked on. The Accel Portfolio is a system which allows you to not only track the value of staked tokens and earned rewards, but additionally, to create a diversified portfolio by earning value on tokens and projects both created and marketed by Accel. Additionally, larger capital investors can utilize Accel Portfolio incentives to receive deal flow and information for new projects in their earliest stages, allowing them to invest, provide guidance and/or capital to the these new bright entrepreneurs.
Rewarding our staked holders with this information and value, with direct insight into the Accel "Accelerator" Launchpad and Product Development platform is a huge step in our goal to provide added value and transparency. By sharing these rewards in the native coin of the chain they stake their tokens, we are also giving our holders the easiest process to earn passive rewards while continue giving them the option to easily withdraw or reinvest into ACCEL or another token on the Accel Launchpad.