Accel Wiki


UnREKT is a trading application that will allow conventional limit orders to be created for decentralized tokens. Rather than building our own decentralized exchange, UnREKT will be built on top of existing exchanges. By filling the apparent voids in existing DEX’s, UnREKT will become the most used and sought after trading application available. Beyond the ability to place limit orders, users will have a plethora of trading tools at their disposal, including:
  • Multiple Limit Orders
    • The ability to set multiple orders at multiple points means easily getting your initial investment back, and orders for greater gains with less risk of loss.
  • Gas Monitor
    • The real challenge comes when calculating transaction costs. The current systems merely execute your order without regard to transaction fees or profit margins. Our system will take these factors into account for you.
  • Stop Loss
    • Automatically sell out of your token positions if the value drops too far, helping to minimize losses.
  • Sell Percentage
    • You can set the application to sell a percentage of your holdings.
  • Modern Trading Strategies
    • You can set trail stops, dollar cost average, and determine the amount.
    • As we grow, quantitative developers will be brought on board to help design advanced trading strategies.
  • Wallet Information
    • As part of the application we are implementing a wallet information feature. This will track your trades and generate profit/loss data that can be exported and viewed in the application. If multiple wallets are connected to the application, we will merge that data and bring them all together in a single easy to view display for the end user. Making tracking your trades and gathering more data that much easier.
  • Notifications
    • With notifications being sent to you any time a trade is conducted, you’ll always be in the know.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)
    • NFT’s are unique units of data that are stored on a blockchain. Since each of these units of data are unique from one another, ownership can be authenticated on the blockchain.
      • Popular examples of NFT’s include artwork, videos, music, and virtual real estate.
    • NFT’s issued to Accel holders will function as the license to use the application. In order to utilize UnREKT, you must connect a wallet that contains at least one issued NFT license
As the project continues to grow, we will continue to develop and implement new mechanisms into the platform . Tools that provide data and analysis. Tools that once upon a time were only available to high level traders. Tools that make DeFi trading easily accessible on all supported blockchains.