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XRATIO Tools is a trading tools platform that provides information on charts, price movements, new pair and trending pair information, buy and sell information as well as other contract interaction information of a token. It will also provide traders with clear information on what each feature indicates so the trader understands the presented information. XRATIO Tools will also contain transactions as well as multiple token lists such as new token list, highest gainers, largest swaps and will also use its own proprietary algorithm to showcase a list of trending tokens. The algorithm used was fine tuned to ensure that no one could manipulate it to create a fraudulent trending situation. XRATIO Tools will also be incorporated into the mobile app (Android and iOS) and other products of the Accel platform. It will also bring in to an extent social media and communication capability for the token communities. By verifying the ownership of a token, the token's owner will be able to directly update their token's news page on XRATIO Tools to publish any news and updates to their community.