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Go PHLIP Yourself!


Well since you have the attention span of a 5th-grader, let’s put it this way: PHLIP is a free and easy to play online card-matching game, similar to other games like Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme, Apples to Apples, and many more. You can generate real money for playing in the form of rewards. For degenerate gamblers, you can play in high stakes / high rewards games. That’s it you can stop reading now… I’m joking, please don’t, this took me a while to write.
Rule #1: Be funny. Rule #2: Don’t not be funny.
PHLIP seems like a game that allows non-crypto users to meet up with their friends, have some fun, and dip their toes into crypto one step-at-a-time while earning real money for playing (because it is). However, as you look deeper, you’ll find that PHLIP is actually a P2E game integrated into the blockchain to allow real community ownership and governance over the game. A dual token economy; governed by a DAO; user minted and owned NFTs as cards in the deck; with royalties and intellectual property (IP) protocols. Additionally, this is combined with farming rewards, where the shares are distributed to players, NFT owners, and farming liquidity providers. Now you can finally see PHLIP for what it truly is, a unique and cutting edge GameFi platform hiding inside a cute neon pink sweater. Get catfished yo.
PHLIP Sample Gameplay

OK so what does ACCEL have to do with all this?

ACCEL is an incubator and ACCELerator (see what we did there) for Web3, DeFi, and GameFi; our expertise is in helping develop unique projects across the cryptosphere, and bringing them to market. This is no different to the PHLIP game’s backend, which utilizes real-world Web3 solutions and DeFi protocols. ACCEL will co-own and help ACCELerate (ha!) the PHLIP game to its release, while also receiving financial rewards from PHLIP’s mint and ongoing game play thereafter.

OK so what are PHLIP’s play styles and how is it played?

Yo dawg I heard you like play styles. SO we packed 3 into one game: P2E (Play-To-Earn), P2F (Play-To-Farm), and P2TR (Play-to-Token-Rewards). OK IDGAF, how do I earn money? Well anyone, even those who don’t care about NFTs or crypto can play our free version and generate rewards just for playing ($$$ baby). You don’t even need a crypto wallet since Magic’s protocol has been integrated into the game, which lets PHLIP generate a unique secure crypto wallet automatically for users who do not already have their own crypto wallet.
If you think you’re smart and funny like your momma always tells you, and want to get more involved, then you can create cards for the deck, wherein card creators earn rewards on gameplay: the more players, the greater the rewardsfor P2F. OR you can yield-farm through our liquidity provision functions and your money can earn $$$ for you while you sleep. Look at mister moneybags over here.
Now playing the game is as simple as card matching Pink Cards with White Cards. Pink Cards are your prompt or question cards, which can be in the form of text OR an image. White Cards are your response cards. The judge (host for the round) selects a pink card from the deck, decides on which white card wins each round, and repeats until the next round when the judge switches with another player.
2 Types of Gameplay: Text-to-Text or Meme-To-Text

OK so why NFTs?

Hear me out, imagine you go to play Cards Against Humanity, but half the deck is blank. Oh shit, now what do you do? Well sir, that Dad joke you’ve been saving for a rainy day finally gets its chance in the spotlight, and you can choose to mint your joke as an NFT of a playable in-game card. Anytime your in-game card is used by yourself or by other players, it all points back ownership to you. So yes, our platform integrates royalties and Intellectual Property (IP) protocols on the backend, with NFT Genesis protocols (customize your unique NFT) on the frontend. Once again, all built on and powered by ACCEL’s technology.
We even crafted a pretty neat trick into our NFT Genesis platform that allows the metadata for your NFT to be updated after mint. So let’s say you’re just not funny, it’s ok, most of us aren’t. The DAO can choose to vote your card out of the deck. Once voted out, the metadata gets updated as a discarded card (ha!), and you can then use our in-game NFT Genesis platform / protocol to re-mint a new joke, and do better the second time around.
Card NFT Minters will be able to create their own unique cards, or choose from a selection of pre-made cards available for minting. Pink Card minters will receive 1% of rewards for every game where their card is played. Current owners of the card will receive 3%. A Pink Card earns rewards any time it’s chosen, therefore having more value than White Cards. Meanwhile, a White Card minter will receive 1% of rewards for every game where their card wins. Current owners of the card will receive 3%. The best part is, you can be the card minter, or the card owner, or both ($$$ baby).
Mint Cards, Make Money.
Most implementations of NFTs involve some obscure, often uncontrollable aspects such as uniqueness or rarity traits in order to determine the relative value of a NFT amongst the rest in its collection. Often times, this leaves the user to randomly mint an NFT and “hope” for rarity so that their value is higher than others. In PHLIP, you, the user gets to help directly determine the worth of an NFT in game card amongst the rest of the collection. Simply through the design of our voting and gameplay mechanisms, NFTs can be valued based on their success in the deck. Inherently, more successful cards will yield higher rewards more often, therefore directly leading to an increase in their value ($$$ baby).
Rule #1: Be funny. Rule #2: Don’t not be funny.

OK I’m still here… so wen Mint?

Stay tuned as we will be giving away exclusive whitelist spots to our community members in the next upcoming days. Whitelist (Mint Presale) is expected to last through the end of March 2022 and into the beginning of April 2022. Mint is scheduled to occur shortly thereafter, so make sure to join our Discord + follow us on Twitter to learn how to lock in your whitelist spot ASAP.

OK so where can I learn more?