Accel Wiki

Accel University

Creating the first ever DAO-based educational crypto community.
A database and community, all-in-one, in which Accel holders will gain access to a growing system of resources and tools to support their entire crypto experience.
Driven by the urgent need to curb misinformation while combating the learning curve needed to participate in crypto, Accel DeFi has the unique opportunity to provide accurate and honest resources while raising the knowledge floor and creating success for our community members.
Verified Accel token holders will be able to participate in lessons and written materials with areas of study including crypto basics, trading strategy, trading psychology, technical analysis, and more. DAO members can vote on future resources and livestream topics.
Livestream AMA-style podcasts posted across social media platforms will also provide free educational content that can be viewed by the wider crypto community, helping to spread the Accel brand, and ultimately, attracting the interests of new community members.